Project Dark 

Project Dark is a narrative driven, immersive audio game that draws on the classic “choose your own adventure” genre to create a unique and compelling interactive experience. The game’s impactful choices and its sophisticated binaural audio allow players to become so immersed in the experience that they can play with their eyes closed. 

Sentience: Online Multiplayer

Sentience is a 4 versus 4 online multiplayer hide-and-seek game set in a dystopian sci-fi world. Play as the newly sentient rogues, seeking to take down the sentinels by blending in with the AI and avoiding detection, or assert control as a sentinel tasked with catching rogues and preventing anything, or anyone, from deviating.

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Bring to Light: VR Horror Puzzle Game

Bring to Light is a VR-supported horror puzzle game that allows you to use biometric data to change your experience in realtime through a special AI that will increase or decrease the game’s thrills and intensity based on your heart rate. In a captivating chase for answers, abandoned smartphones and other devices do more than light the way — they may be the key to your escape. Thrill-seekers of all ages can use their smarts and persistence to beat monsters and solve puzzles in a shadowy world understood through patterns of light.

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