Red Meat Games is an indie game studio founded in 2013 and to date have created a variety of games for mobile, PC, consoles and VR. We’re located in both Cambridge, Ontario, and in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


When we’re not busy cooking up awesome games with our talented and award-winning staff, we’re dreaming of succulent meats, scouring the internet for the next big tech goodie or feeling warm and fuzzy from the latest cat videos. Due to our wide range of experiences and talents, our team can provide additional services such as mobile app development, graphic design, gamification, and even simulated virtual reality training environments.


No matter the size or scope of the project, we work with our clients to ensure that they receive only the highest quality product. Supporting our quality promise is the fact that we have a division specifically designed for quality assurance (both in-house and outsourced), Quality Meat QA. We can provide user experience feedback and technical feedback reports for all your platforms whether it is mobile, console or PC.


So when you need to add some ‘meat’ to your bare-bones project, or you want to get lost in a great gaming experience, choose quality, choose usability, choose Red Meat Games.