The Bring to Light Tour is officially underway! 

For those don’t know, we’re heading across Canada from coast to coast finding the spookiest haunted sites Canada has to offer to promote our horror/puzzle game Bring to Light

Our first stop was the Old Town Clock in our studio’s hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Old Town Clock which rests at the base of Citadel Hill, overlooking downtown Halifax and the waterfront. The clock was built by Prince Edward’s engineer in 1801 and began keeping time for residents of Halifax in 1803. One of the oldest cities in Canada, Halifax was an important hub for the British Empire and Canada during many wars. Over the centuries the clock has born witness to many strange and tragic events. 

One such tragedy was the Halifax explosion, where on the morning of December 6, 1917, the Norwegian vessel S.S. Imo collided with the French cargo ship S.S. Mont-Blanc which was carrying explosives. The collision created an explosion that obliterated every building within 800 meters and ultimately killed 2,000 people, injuring over 9,000 more. It was the largest man-made explosion ever at the time and was felt from Cape Breton Island some 150 miles away.

The explosion also damaged the Old Town Clock, but restoration efforts began soon after to get it up and running again. Since the explosion, however, the clock has been notoriously bad at keeping time, sometimes running 30 minutes ahead. 

The clock is believed to be haunted by the victims of the countless tragedies the clock has witnessed, not only the Halifax explosion but the arrival of the victims and survivors of the Titanic five years earlier as well as the countless injured British and Canadian soldiers who died just up the hill from the clock. 

Whether you believe in the ghost stories or not, the clock sits above Halifax, a stoic witness to immense losses… In addition to these blog posts we’re also creating the Bring to Light Tour video series! Here’s the first one for this stop on the tour:

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You can also explore the spooky sites we’re visiting — and interact with Bring to Light’s monsters — with our new Augmented Reality (AR) app. Red Meat will be releasing the app in partnership with the tour on mobile, so stay tuned for that release shortly! 

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We streamed from the Halifax Square after we filmed If you’re interested in watching:

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