Grab your katana, battle epic bosses, and RUN! in this fun title now available on the Nintendo Switch


 We are so excited to announce that we will be bringing our super popular mobile title, Cube Samurai: Run Squared to the Nintendo Switch today. In Cube Samurai: Run Squared, players follow the cube samurai’s adventures in the sequel to 2013’s Cube Samurai: RUN!

We really loved the player response from the original Cube Samurai: RUN!, and we really wanted to replicate that addicting amount of fun in the sequel. When we were building Cube Samurai: Run Squared, we wanted to expand on that universe, and bring our players a brand-new challenge with a familiar hero.

We always knew that Cube Samurai: Run Squared was perfect for the Nintendo Switch. And now you can pick it up and play it there!

Set in a sci-fi universe, the cube samurai travels across beautiful planets to accomplish his mission. Hearing the pleas of children across the galaxy, this hero has been called forth to rescue them from the galaxy’s greatest villain – The Evil Pyramid! Get in on the action in this randomly generated runner with pickups, enemies and obstacles that combines sci-fi and fantasy for a unique gaming experience.

Cube Samurai: Run Squared is launching today on Nintendo Switch. It is also available for mobile devices on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Game description

The Cube Samurai is back in an all-new endless runner! Eliminate the Conetrooper threat once and for all. Run, Jump, Slash and Slam your way across distant planets to become the hero our universe needs and defeat the galaxy’s greatest villain – The Evil Pyramid!

A great game for kids, but don’t worry, the whole family can get in on the action with this fun running game.

Key Features:

    • Run, dodge, slash and collect coins as you travel through stylized worlds to reach and defeat your nemesis.

    • Battle bosses and experience beautiful worlds on your journey in this endless runner!

    • Immerse yourself in sci fi/fantasy fusion levels that dynamically generate content with every new round of play.

    • Power up your hero and customize their appearance on your journey.

    • Completing level missions will reward you with additional funds to upgrade your experience.

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