We did it. We’ve reached the end of the Bring to Light Tour.

26 days. 8 provinces. Over 6,000 kilometers driven and flown and we’ve finally made it to Canada’s other coast. Flying from Edmonton to Abbotsford, we cut 12 hours of driving into a little under 2-hour flight. Slapping the Bring to Light Tour car magnets on a new rental we’re back on the road.

We had originally planned on investigating the haunted Vogue Theatre in downtown Vancouver but due to some bad planning on my part it was closed (despite saying open on Google). It was an interesting story about a haunting man who’s been seen in the projection booth and backstage causing mischief. You can read more about it on the Ghosts of Vancouver website. But we had to swing by our backup location: Waterfront Station.

Vancouver’s Waterfront Station was a pivotal travel hub during the first half of the 20th Century. Connecting Vancouver to destinations like Toronto and Montréal, thousands of immigrants from China, Korea and Japan came to Canada through Vancouver and made it across the country from this station. And over those decades the station has accrued many spooky stories…

One fateful, rainy night in 1928, a rail worker named Hub Clark was making repairs when he slipped and got knocked out on a train track. An incoming passenger train didn’t see him and he was decapitated by the train’s wheels as it entered the station. Security guards to this day say that on rainy nights they can see a headless man on the tracks, wandering, searching for his lost head.

Another story comes from the East hall of the station. People say they’ve seen the ghost of a woman in a flapper dress at the end of the hall when they’re alone, and the sound of 1920s music rings out. When they approach her the music stops and she vanishes. No one know who she is or why she’s tied to the space, but the stories persist.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Bring to Light Tour and keeping up with us on our travels! Reid and I had an amazing time and we’re so excited to publish our Tour Videos which will be going up on our YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe to get notifications when they go live!

You can also explore the spooky sites we’re visiting — and interact with Bring to Light’s monsters — with our new Augmented Reality (AR) app. Red Meat will be releasing the app in partnership with the tour on mobile, so stay tuned for that release shortly!

And of course you can pick up Bring to Light on Steam (with Oculus and Vive support), PlayStation 4Xbox OneKartridgeGame Jolt and itch.io

We streamed from Vancouver driving around Stanley Park, check out our conversation: