We’re nearing the end of the Bring to Light Tour.

After stopping off in Saskatoon to demo Bring to Light at the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo we’ve travelled another 6 hours, crossing over into Alberta and heading to the provincial capital: Edmonton.

Here we went to the Strathcona County Museum & Archives. Formerly a Firehouse and RCMP station, the building is haunted by the ghost of a former criminal who was being held in one of the holding cells. People kept in the cells weren’t allowed to have anything in their pockets, so when the those in the cells wanted to light a cigarette, they had to ask the sheriff.  

There was an old superstition that you never light three cigarettes with the same match. The story goes that during the world wars, enemy snipers would look for the glow of a match lighting cigarettes to make their shots. The first lit cigarette let them spot you, the second let them line up the shot and the third is when they’d shoot. This led to the superstition the sheriff held. 

When lighting the cigarettes, the sheriff came to the third man and explained why he wanted to use a new match. But the man said he didn’t care and to light it anyway, so the sheriff obliged. When the sheriff came back to the jail the next day the third man was dead. He passed away during the night, presumably due to a heart attack but no one knows for sure… 

It’s said that the man’s ghost still haunts the now museum to this day. Employees report hearing strange noises from rooms and when they investigate no one’s around. Book pages flipping with no one around, an unplugged radio buzzing with sounds of classic music and voices… one volunteer even reported a door slamming in their face when no one was on the other side. 

We went around the entire museum from the exhibits deep into the basement and archives. It’s a building with a lot of history… and a lot of dark corners with mannequins.

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