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Driving 6 hours from Ninette, we’ve crossed over into the province of Saskatchewan and headed to Prince Albert. Here we’re going to Kinsmen Park, now a public park with a splash pad but 100 years ago it was the site of public executions- by hanging.

The south end of the park used to host the city’s jail, and 18 prisoners over the jail’s existence were hung until death in the park. The city’s historical society says that many were buried in the park in unmarked graves. Human remains have been discovered over the years during renovations and landscaping.

We know a little about some of the people hung there thanks to reporting from Prince Albert NOW. One man hung in the park was Hoo Sam, whose body was buried somewhere in the park. Sam immigrated to Canada from China in 1900. He was accused of shooting and killing one of his business associates behind the restaurant he owned in downtown Prince Albert. When another worker came out to investigate Sam reportedly chased him trying to kill him too. Sam chase the man all the way to Central Ave where he was restrained by a passerby until the police arrested him.

The last man hung in Kinsmen Park was John Wilson, a former officer of the North West Mounted Police. Wilson immigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1912 and while working with the Mounted Police contracted tuberculosis. He fell madly in love with one of the women looking after him, and when his wife came over from Scotland Wilson murdered her so he could be with his mistress. He was hung and buried in South Hill Cemetery in April 1923.

The paranormal society reports there’s presences in the park, especially at night. They’re the restless spirits of those hung in the park and denied a proper burial. We walked around the park from late afternoon until dusk but couldn’t feel anything. It is spooky to read about, though.Stay tuned for our Bring to Light Tour video series! Our studio head and cinematographer extraordinaire Reid Price (@Reid_Price) is putting together a video for each location we visit to give you an in-depth look at our tour. So, subscribe to the Red Meat Games on YouTube and turn on notifications so you don’t miss an upload!

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You can watch our past livestream from the park below:


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