We’ve departed our nation’s capital and travelled a few hours west to Canada’s most populous city: Toronto, Ontario. 

Here we visited two sites. First is the Cranfield House, a heritage site that’s been used in many movies and TV shows over the years like IT and Orphan Black. 

The Cranfield House was built in 1902 by Toronto businessman William Harris and was named for his wife Caroline’s home village in England. In 1930 the house was donated to the Salvation Army where it served as a social aid center for over 75 years. The house was derelict for many years after being scouted as a location for filming in Orphan Black’s 4th Season. It was also the location of Pennywise’s spooky home in 2017’s IT, a horror hit film whose sequel is coming out soon. 

Next, we went to Richview Cemetery, a weirdly located cemetery wedged between different Highway 427 on and off ramps in Toronto’s north end. The graveyard is home to the graves of many of Etobicoke’s founding families and their descendants. It’s a rare monument to a vanished rural community, a surviving testament to the people who built and settled the village that became Toronto. 

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