Welcome back to the Bring to Light Tour and our third update! 

We’ve left Halifax and hit the road, traveling over 1,000 kilometers to Québec City, Québec, one of the oldest cities in Canada. 

For our next haunted location, we visited the Plains of Abraham, which was the site of a pivotal battle during the Seven Years War between the French and English empires. On the morning of September 13, 1759, General Wolfe of the British landed 12,000 troops on the shoreline and marched up on the encamped French forces.

The battle resulted in over 1,000 men dying in less than an hour. It was a brutal but decisive battle and a pivotal moment in the war that ended a few years later when France seceded most of their territories to the British. 

Both generals of each side were killed during the battle, and General Wolfe found out about his victory as he was bleeding out on the battlefield, dying moments later. The moment was captured in a painting by Benjamin West.

The deaths all those men on these lands has led many to believe the park is haunted. People report smelling blood and the fumes of gunfire. Canons are sometimes heard going off in the distance and the neighing of horses echoes through the park at night. The restless souls of those who died here wander the park, searching for justice… 

We definitely felt the scare-factor walking around the Plains as sun set. The breeze carried an air of uneasiness about it, and being on the St. Lawrence river there’s little to no noise distracting you from the park.

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