Thanks for checking back in with the Bring to Light Tour and our fourth update from our cross-Canada haunted road trip! 

Since our last update we’ve travelled a couple hours down the road from Québec City to Montréal. Still along the St. Lawrence river, Montréal is another historic city in Canada with buildings dating as early as 1684. 

One such old building is L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel. Formerly an inn, today it’s a restaurant and bar. It was founded in 1754 and “granted the first liquor licence under British rule.” The inn hosted many guests over the centuries from all over the world, and its long and illustrious history comes with its fair share of ghost stories. 

The inn burned down in the middle of the 19th Century, killing a little girl who was staying there at the time with her family. To this day, the little girl’s ghost is said to haunt the low stone halls of L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel. Guests have reported seeing a little girl wearing a nightgown standing perfectly still at the end of a hall, or heard piano music coming from a floor above despite there not being a piano in the building. 

Reid and I got dinner at L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel and it definitely feels like a historic space. Wax candles burn around the room, old stone walls and low ceilings with wooden supports feel like something out of a tavern in Harry Potter. While we didn’t see any ghostly girls we went to the haunted hallway and jumped a little when the lights suddenly come out. We think someone just flicked a light switch but didn’t ask anyone…

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